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Träd, Gunnar Smoliansky


Gunnar Smoliansky’s studies of trees are social journalism in photographic form, although not from the human world in spite of their occasional traces of humanity. No, people appear to have left the scene. Smoliansky’s depictions of trees are a forestry ranger’s nightmare and at the same time far too vulnerable to please the zealous conservationist.



Author: Gunnar Smoliansky
Format: Duotone Offset Printed Clothbound Hardcover / 40 Pages, 25 Duotone Plates / Linen Thread Bound / Grey Headband / Uncoated Tip-In Frame On Front Cover, With Typography And Spine Text In Gold Foil
Publisher: Libraryman (2017)
Language: English
Dimensions: 30 Cm X 36 Cm

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