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Maple Green / No. 026


Made from 100% baby alpaca, our Maple is the same style as our Birch, but knit in a slightly heavier weight for cooler weather. The ribbed cuffs and neckline makes this unisex and relaxed style easy to wear alone or layered.






Knit Library Data

No. 026
Name: Maple
Stitch: Llano
Gauge: 7gg
Materials: 100% Baby Alpaca
Made in: Peru
Sizes: XS - L
Collage: Canada

XS = CHEST 36” WAIST 30” HIP 36” NECK 14-14.5”
S = CHEST 37” WAIST 33” HIPS 37” NECK 15”
M = CHEST 38” WAIST 34” HIPS 38” NECK 16”
L = CHEST 39” WAIST 35” HIPS 39” NECK 17”
XL = CHEST 40” WAIST 36” HIPS 40” NECK 18”

Unisex sizing

Hesperios Knit Library:

Concept & System By: Autumn Hrubý
Research: Autumn Hrubý, Lily Gradante
System Production: Miye Mccullough
Country Artifact Text By: Julia Berick
Collage by: Autumn Hrubý
Production: Hesperios

All Knitwear Design By:
Autumn Hrubý 

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Hesperios Knit Library Artifact


There are ten different species of maple in Canada and one hundred worldwide. The Algonquin peoples were the first to tap maple trees for sap. One narrative in the Algonquin tradition tells of how the sap could once be drunk straight from the tree but that, seeing it made the drinkers idle, a spirit figure named Nanabozho diluted the sap so that it must be processed. With the advent of ceramics, around the first century AD, first nation people began boiling the sap to separate the sugar. It has been enjoyed that way by inhabitants of North America ever since.

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