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Florence Eclipse Blue / No. 015


The Florence is a tribute to the Italian city surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards. This lean dress with pleated neck, low back, and hem detail is knit in 100% pima cotton and has a soft hand feel.






Knit Library Data

No. 015
Name: Florence
Stitch: Jersey
Gauge: 12gg
Materials: 80% Baby Alpaca, 20% Silk
Made in: Peru
Sizes: XS - L
Collage: Italia

Additional Colours in Pima Cotton:

- Green Lily
- Straw Yellow

XS= Bust 32” Waist 24” Hips 34”
S= Bust 34” Waist 25” Hips 35”
M= Bust 36” Waist 29” Hips 39”
L= Bust 37” Waist 30” Hips 40”

Hesperios Knit Library:

Concept & System By: Autumn Hrubý
Research: Autumn Hrubý, Lily Gradante
System Production: Miye Mccullough
Country Artifact Text By: Julia Berick
Collage by: Autumn Hrubý
Production: Hesperios

All Knitwear Design By:
Autumn Hrubý 

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Hesperios Knit Library Artifact


The Mediterranean cypress is a totem of the Florentine countryside. Perhaps its starring role in the so-called Italian-style garden was nourished first in the garden at Medici Villa at Fiesole. Used to establish the garden as an extension of the villa’s sitting rooms, the narrow erect cypress stood as natural walls and dividers. By virtue of the power of the Medici family as patrons of the arts, and the great appeal of the garden itself, the style has been referenced and reproduced countless times across the world.

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