Hesperios Journal, Issue No. 1 EUDAIMONIA

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“The ancient Greeks called that part of the horizon where the sun rose, Eos, and where it set, Hesperios, ‘the evening star.’” —from Eudaimonia

“To enhance life is one of the great functions of art, and books enhance my life continually.” —Erik Heywood

The issue that gave birth to the whole Hesperios family: Hesperios Journal No.1: Memory. Includes an interview with the ever-inspiring, Jim Drain, as well as the first contributions from long-time friends of Hesperios, Stella Berkofsky, Erik Heywood, and Diane Stockton.

We don’t have a favorite issue, but nothing will beat seeing this one roll off the presses. A piece of Hesperios history.


Gustaf von Arbin
Stella Berkofsky
Beatrice Champ
Violet Cheverez
Carlito Dalceggio
Jean-Philippe Delhomme
Jim Drain
Marcelo Gomes
Eric Goode
Erik Heywood
Autumn Hrubý
Katherine Krause
Diana Stockton
Sophie Ward

Hesperios Journal is an anthology of classic and contemporary art, literature, travel, and science. Edited in New York by Autumn Hrubý, and printed and designed in Stockholm, Sweden, by Henrik Nygren Design, each issue presents works by celebrated and emerging artists, intellectuals, and philanthropists. Hesperios Journal is dedicated to publishing the most compelling voices of our time. Since its founding in 2016, it has firmly established itself as one of America's most innovative cultural journals, and has received extensive coverage in both print and online media. We hope that each issue of the Journal builds upon the last. Read together, they serve as a record of the Hesperios community and of the cultural landscape. The journals are distributed internationally through art-and-design book stores, galleries, newsstands, and museums.


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