Hesperios Journal, Issue No. 3 FOUNDATIONS

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“When I think ‘foundations of modern civilization,’ I think men, men, men. And how it’s all just baloney to help them get it up.”
—Miranda July

“It was a long time ago—Barcelona, love, lemon trees—and even longer since the dogwood flourished on the city terrace of my youth.”
—Tarajia Morrell

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Hesperios Journal No.3: Foundations. A year in the making, this is our biggest, most ambitious issue to date.

Here, we present new work from writer and artist, Miranda July; two wonderful interviews with two wonderful, celebrated chefs, Daniel Berlin and Claus Meyer; as well as poetry from Mandy Khan, Veronica Martin, and Geoffrey Movius.

Each issue, we have one simple goal: to try and improve on the last. No. 3 didn’t let us down.


Waris Ahluwalia
Gustaf von Arbin
Stella Berkofsky
Daniel Berlin
Christopher Brooks
Miranda Brooks
Seth Ellsworth
Peter Foges
Erik Heywood
Autumn Hrubý
Miranda July
Mandy Khan
Veronica Martin
Claus Meyer
Tarajia Morrell
Geoffrey Movius
Nicolas Niarchos
Lex Niarchos
Malin Gabriella Nordin
Harper Simon
Selma Slabiak
Andrew Trotter
Lena Wilhammar

Hesperios Journal is an anthology of classic and contemporary art, literature, and travel. Each issue presents works by both celebrated and emerging artists, a number of which have collaborated with us on limited editions for our boutique. The journals are distributed internationally through art-and-design book stores, galleries, newsstands, and museums.

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