Babs Haenen, Small Bowls

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An exclusive collection, made and designed by the artist Babs Haenen, in China, with assistant Guanlin Wang. All the vessels are made entirely by hand in their studio in Jingdezhen. A plaster model is made by the artist. The moulds are cast from the original models and then carefully reworked by hand. The porcelain is super white and translucent and the process of firing is very important. The raw porcelain items are hardened at 950 centigrade, a thin layer of glaze is applied by hand and the item is subsequently fired again at a temperature of up to 1320 centigrade, during a process that may last up to 12 hours. The glaze fuses with the porcelain during this process, which is called "glost firing". The coloured porcelain is made up by mixing pigments in the white porcelain. Black, blue, orange and combinations of the three are drawn into the moulds to give each item its own personality.

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