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Rhombus / No. 010


A lozenge (diamond) motif gives our Rhombus a traditional pattern, elevating this relaxed-fit pullover sweater. Knit in 100% pima cotton, also available in alpaca.






Knit Library Data

No. 010
Name: Rhombus
Stitch: Jersey
Gauge: 5gg
Materials: 100% Pima Cotton
Made in: Perú

Sizes: XS - L
Collage: Alba

Additional Colours in Baby Alpaca, Silk Blend:

- Eclipse Blue
- Coral
- Natural

XS= BUST 32” WAIST 24” HIPS 34”
S= BUST 34” WAIST 25” HIPS 35”
M= BUST 36” WAIST 29” HIPS 39”
L= BUST 37” WAIST 30” HIPS 40”

Hesperios Knit Library:

Concept & System By: Autumn Hrubý
Research: Autumn Hrubý, Lily Gradante
System Production: Miye Mccullough
Country Artifact Text By: Julia Berick
Collage by: Autumn Hrubý
Production: Hesperios

All Knitwear Design By:
Autumn Hrubý 

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