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Loukkos / No. 036


The Loukkos is our men’s foldover turtleneck made from a soft blend of pima cotton and silk. With fine ribbing at the hem, neck, and cuffs, this jersey knit style is a cool-weather wardrobe staple.






Knit Library Data

No. 026
Name: Loukkos
Stitch: Jersey
Gauge: 12gg
Materials: 85% Pima, 15% Silk
Made in: Peru
Sizes: XS - L
Collage: Maroc

XS = CHEST 36” WAIST 30” HIP 36” NECK 14-14.5”
S = CHEST 37” WAIST 33” HIPS 37” NECK 15”
M = CHEST 38” WAIST 34” HIPS 38” NECK 16”
L = CHEST 39” WAIST 35” HIPS 39” NECK 17”
XL = CHEST 40” WAIST 36” HIPS 40” NECK 18”

Hesperios Knit Library:

Concept & System By: Autumn Hrubý
Research: Autumn Hrubý, Lily Gradante
System Production: Miye Mccullough
Country Artifact Text By: Julia Berick
Collage by: Autumn Hrubý
Production: Hesperios

All Knitwear Design By:
Autumn Hrubý 

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Hesperios Knit Library Artifact

Al-Mamlakah al-Maghribiyyah

North of the city of modern-day Larache, overlooking the last coil of the Loukkos River before it meets the Atlantic, are the remains of the ancient city of Lixus. The city was inhabited by the Pheonicians from twelve BC to the first century AD when it fell to Roman control and reached its age of greatest prosperity during the rule of Claudius I. Intricate mosaics still exist from the time of Roman rule and it is said to be the mythical location of Hesperides’s golden apples.

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