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Denmark Collage


By tracing the origins of knitwear, each shape was given a name, collage, and text inspired by the rich history, natural wonders, beauty, and landscape of the countries represented in our knit library:

Sverige, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Rossiya, Éireann, Alba, Nederland, England, France, Elláda, Italia, España, Canada, United States, Perú, Egypt, Maroc, Botswana, Nippon, People's Republic Of China, Hindustan, Sinhala, Aotearoa, And Bahrain.

Available as a single download,
to use as a screensaver or print at home. 

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is removed upon download.



Hesperios Knit Library:

Concept & System By: Autumn Hrubý
Research: Autumn Hrubý, Lily Gradante
System Production: Miye Mccullough
Country Artifact Text By: Julia Berick
Collage by: Autumn Hrubý
Production: Hesperios

All Knitwear Design By:
Autumn Hrubý 

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Hesperios Knit Library Artifact


Archeologists believe that ancient people in what is now Denmark chewed birch pitch. It is possible that, for some, it was diverting in the way that chewing gum is considered diverting now. More likely, however, is that the early Danes chewed the pitch to make it pliable to use as an adhesive in tools and for construction. Birch also contains natural antiseptics, and ancient people may have sought its curative properties. The antiseptics have also preserved the saliva on bits of birch pitch recently discovered. In turn, this allowed scientists to study the DNA from humans who lived 5,700 years ago.