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Hesperios Flagship, SoHo (02/18-08/20)

From February 2018 until August 2020, Hesperios’s flagship was located in the SoHo district of New York City on the ground floor of a restored 19th-century brick building at 23 Cleveland Place. Hesperios’ founder, Autumn HrubĂ˝, designed and curated the shop, and landscape designer Miranda Brooks developed the spacious courtyard garden. Here, one would find the Hesperios Collection, books, ceramics, and home goods with a kitchen and tea room at the center of the space. The menu was tightly focused, using local, organic ingredients; providing tea varieties by House of Waris Tea & Company; and a specialty drink menu hand-crafted by Selma Slabiak (previously of Michelin star restaurant, Aska). Together the boutique and cafĂ© offered retail, hospitality, but, most of all, calm. Hesperios was a city retreat.