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Hesperios Flagship No. 1, SoHo (02.18-08.20)

Hesperios Flagship
Design: Autumn Hrubý
Landscape Design: Miranda Brooks

Hesperios’s flagship was located in the SoHo district of New York City. On the ground floor of a restored 19th-century brick building at 23 Cleveland Place. A garden, kitchen, and minimal space to find printed matter, objects, textiles, and sculptures.

Hesperios’ founder, Autumn Hrubý, designed and curated the space, and landscape designer Miranda Brooks developed the spacious courtyard garden. The menu was tightly focused, using local, organic ingredients; providing tea varieties by House of Waris Tea & Company; and a specialty drink menu hand-crafted by Selma Slabiak (previously of Michelin star restaurant, Aska).