Hesperios Diary No. 4

Midsummers in Gotland. The place where our collection was conceived and where I often visit year-round. This summer we stayed in Fårö, Valleviken, and Furillen, located in the northern part of Gotland. Our days began early when sun light gleamed through the windows at 4am and the colours in the sky were so compelling, I had to get out of bed to take photos.

The Gayle in her many variations was my go to summer staple: The Straw Yellow Tank, Gayle DressMini Tank Dress in Dusk were the few from the Hesperios collection that made the warmest year Sweden has seen in a long while, feel cooler and cozier. Made in pima cotton and colours of straw yellow, cremes, dusky lilac, and poppy red.


Image Credits: Autumn Hruby, Summer 2018 and Hannah by Alyson Redding x Hesperios