The fast-paced tradition of contemporary clothing production is not the Hesperios tradition—we have set our own calmer, more peaceful rhythms of production. Our knit library offers many styles, not limited to season or market, allowing us to do away with “expiration” dates. This library of classic knits are unique, and extremely limited in number—we don’t have a huge surplus of inventory, and we’ve never destroyed an item. In the event an item doesn’t sell, we’ll donate it—we are committed to only working with factories and suppliers that do not exploit others or our environment.

Sustainability matters and, as a new company, we believe we have a responsibility to make choices now that will create positive habits with long term consequences. It is important to us to work with partners, factories, suppliers who share our views on sustainability. We know we can’t save the world with knitwear but, wherever Hesperios contributes to our community and industry, we feel strongly that our contribution should be a positive one. Every choice we make has a ripple effect. We are mindful of this in all our processes—we are doing our best to be our best!


Hesperios knit is made of the finest baby alpaca wool, silk, cashmere, and pima cotton. Produced in Lima, Peru, and here in New York City, we work with ecologically responsible mills. All of our yarns are custom dyed and are available in a variety of colors. You can protect and prolong the life of your Hesperios knit garment by storing it properly. We recommend storing in a cedar chest or a shirt box. Never use plastic or dry cleaning bags as this will cause moisture to build up and the fibers will felt. As with any other knit garment, alpaca clothing should be folded, rather than hung to keep its proper shape. To protect against moth damage, we recommend using traditional herbal repellents such as cedar chips and lavender bundles. Professionally dry clean only.