Hesperios is an arts organization, gallery, distributor, creative destination, and home to both Hesperios Journal and the Hesperios knit library. Everything we do is informed by the work of our non-profit arm, the Hesperios Library Foundation (HLF). 

Hesperios Library Foundation (HLF) is a global collaborative design and production studio, a  research lab, a workshop, and a resource library. Members are creatives, intellectuals, and philanthropists. HLF is a non-profit organization. 

Working at the intersection of art, technology, science, and education, Hesperios produces thoughtful media, products, services, and experiences. Each will be inclusive, serve a purpose, and solve a problem. Some of our works are wearable, some are viewable, and some are interactive. All are produced on a circular, green, transparent platform.


HLF’s mission is to develop and design projects that transform the way we live, learn, and experience. We plan to build an international team of designers, scientists, creatives, journalists, educators, students, and engineers. All our members will offer expertise, authenticity, and invention to our initiatives. We aim to collaborate across disciplines, inspire curiosity, and further a sustainable approach to engaging with the world. 


Hesperios Journal is an anthology of classic and contemporary art, literature, travel, and science.

Edited in New York by Autumn Hrubý, and printed and designed in Stockholm, Sweden, by Henrik Nygren Design, each issue presents works by celebrated and emerging artists, intellectuals, and philanthropists. Hesperios Journal is dedicated to publishing the most compelling voices of our time. 

Since its founding in 2016, it has firmly established itself as one of America’s most innovative cultural journals, and has received extensive coverage in both print and online media. We hope that each issue of the Journal builds upon the last. Read together, they serve as a record of the Hesperios community and of the cultural landscape. The journals are distributed internationally through art-and-design book stores, galleries, newsstands, and museums.


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